Sandwiches to start the day with!

                  Most breakfast sandwiches are well-intentioned, but many of them fall short on the flavor scale and in some cases, fall on your lap before you’ve even tasted it. Our new breakfast … Continued

Hello Mykonos!

          Become instantly transported with our all all-new Mediterranean Layer Dip! We’re talking layer after layer of housemade Mediterranean favorites: classic hummus, vegetable raita, baba ganouj, feta cheese and garbanzo beans. Enjoy this treat with crispy … Continued

Breaking out of its shell!

  OPEN UP, POT PIE! We gave the classic pot pie a slight makeover! Introducing our savory Warm Puff Pastry Tarts, these open-face beauties are the coupĂ© convertibles of pot pies. Each tart is baked until golden brown and filled with … Continued