Hot Dog Days of Summer

Pigs in a Blanket, Got an Upgrade!


Franks n' Blanks

Enjoy our new “Franks n’ Blanks” this Summer! A little different from the traditional childhood favorite, two-bite all-beef hot dogs are baked in a golden crust and filled with housemade toppings. Available from now until August 29th, add them to your next order and savor the best of the Summer! 


Franks n’ Blanks | $3.75 each

| sauerkraut, relish, swiss cheese & brown mustard | or | pickled vegetables, parmesan cheese & spicy-chipotle ketchup |

Franks n’ Blanks Combination |  $12.75 per person

or $16.00 per person for three franks n’ blanks

| two franks n’ blanks + corn, black bean & tomato salad + angel food cake with whipped cream & strawberries | 

Whole Angel Food Cake  | $32.00



*Franks n’ Blanks require a chafing dish. Hot items are not available on Saturdays.