Gluten Free Signature Sandwiches

Chef inspired and made with fresh ingredients.

  • Turkey, Havarti & Roasted Pepper (GF)

    roast turkey, havarti, roasted peppers, salted cucumber, romaine lettuce & red pepper mayo

  • Roasted Tomato + Tuna Salad (GF)

    albacore tuna, roasted tomato purée, mayonnaise, fennel, red onion, lettuce & roasted tomatoes

  • Herb Grilled Chicken Club (GF)

    bacon, lettuce, tomato & roasted red pepper mayonnaise

  • Turkey Oregano (GF)

    provolone, tomato, red onion, lettuce and oregano mayonnaise

  • Spiced Honey Roasted Chicken (GF)

    roasted red peppers and lettuce