Spring Special: New Steak + Shrimp Duo, Spring Peach Punch + More!


Petite Mustard Crusted Fillet and Shrimo Duo* (GF)

petite tender, shrimp scampi, and vegetable saute of snap peas, cherry tomatoes and asparagus 

served with silver dollar rolls

$15.95 per person | 10 person minimum 

* hot item requires chafing dish



Spring Peach Punch

cranberry, pineapple and apple juice blend with agave and peach puree

$16.00 per gallon 


side salad

Sicilian Eggplant and Peppers with Mozzarella (GF)

chinese eggplant, assorted bell peppers, toasted pine nuts and cilantro lime dressing

$3.75  per person | 10 person minimum 



Spinach, Feta and Sweet Red Pepper Frittata (GF)

$35.00 | serves 10  

* hot item requires chafing dish

Blackberry Chia Seed with Toasted Coconut Parfait (GF)

sun-dried tomato relish, shaved parmesan, and baby arugula on olive bread

$5.25  per person

Lemon-Blueberry Bread with Mixed Berry Cream Cheese (GF)

$23.65 | serves 15


sandwiches & soups

Ham and Havarti Sandwich

smoked ham, roma tomatoes, baby arugula, havarti cheese and dill mustard on sliced multigrain bread


Turkey & Green Pea Hummus Wrap

smoked turkey, green pea and parsley hummus, pickled red onion and romaine in a tomato tortilla


Basque Sweet Pepper Soup with Dill Sour Cream* 

served with artisan bread

$68.00 | serves 15 | *hot item requires soup urn 



Gluten Free Brownue

$1.85 | 1 per person

available until September 30th | *hot items are not available on Saturday